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well im absolutely gutted,my daughter has decided to move out.. my first born.. shes found a college to better her education which i cant fault her for but moving in with her bf and his family.. i only have my 2 kids no family,shocked and also blank.Maybe i pushed her away or didnt give her everything she wanted etc maybe me being ill pushed her away,not the best feeling this at all.. <3

Whats it all about...

Never written a Blog before so might as well start now,life thrown some shit at me from the day i was born.. things ive gone through no1 has in a lifetime but its all lesson and im still learning,reasons for them no idea.Always a battle with something,things ive still not got over or dealt with maybe thats why i have an illness who knows,theres a saying be positive and positive things happen but theres not one person who positive all the time, every day. Also ive had great things happen to me like my 2 amazing children who ive brought up single handed and on my own.I guess this is a diary right? but im just going to just put what im thinking or maybe random.... <3

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